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Top 5 Diseases Every Elderly Citizen Should Be Cautious Of

Top 5 Diseases Every Elderly Citizen should be Cautious of

When you reach the golden ages in life, you’ll be cautious of many things. The first thing you’ll be cautious about will most probably involve your personal health. Our personal health alarms us because we are the ones experiencing it—if not in a good state, we will be the ones facing its consequences.

If ever there is something serious going on with our personal health or if ever we really are sick—the earlier the diagnosis is done, the better it is. This is because early diagnosis allows us to treat the illness during its earlier stage giving you more chances of winning the fight against the illness.

Some illnesses elderly citizens fear of having are:

  • Cancer
    – a feared and fatal illness that affects many and causes unbearable pain to an individual and his/her family. This is a disease that causes many pains and is usually accompanied by tumors diagnosed to be malignant. Medication for cancer is available and as painful and hopeless the situation gets, it’s an illness that can be beaten with the right support.
  • Diabetes – is usually caused by an unbalanced diet. Blood sugar levels are usually high in this illness and can affect one’s life in several ways; for example, getting a cut as small as an ant might become life threatening.
  • Arthritis – although arthritis points to several conditions affecting the joints, in general, it is an inflammation in the joint areas. This result to pain in the joint areas around the knees most elderly citizens might feel and can cause difficulty in motion.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – is one of the diseases that have no known cause. Alzheimer’s disease occurs due to the distortion of the original brain structure. In its attempts to stop the deterioration of its brain cells, the whole process backfires and actually leads to the death of many brain cells thereby leading to the disease.
  • Osteoporosis – the feeling of losing your strength alone is mortifying but what if the danger of getting fractures is combined along with it? This happens in the case of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a likely case among women after menopause.The preventive measures you can do to avoid this are exercise and implementing a vitamin D enriched diet.

Although most illnesses are caused by bad habits like smoking and drinking, lack of exercise and unhealthy diets, sometimes, illnesses just show up. However, a good diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep minimize the chances of getting life-threatening illnesses and improve your chances of beating these illnesses.

As an Indiana-based Care Provider, we hope for all this information we’ve shared to enlighten you and keep you vigilant. New Horizons Home Healthcare is a Healthcare in Marion Indiana and in your troubles, we aim to lighten up your load and provide you with care. To know more about our services, visit us at

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