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5 Ways Seniors Can Maintain Their Independence and Sanity


As seniors age, they may experience bodily declines; however, there are many ways to stay healthy. Setting achievable goals and consider getting the assistance of a healthcare in Marion Indiana can help them stay on track. Seniors who want to live the longest life possible should consider the following:

  1. Exercise Regularly and Eat Right

    Engaging in physical activity and eating a balanced diet is important for long-term health. Seniors who are not active may find it difficult to exercise and prepare nutritious meals; however, they can set small and manageable goals to stay physically fit. Hiring a professional caregiver ensures that somebody can prepare healthy meals for them and assist them when exercising. Even simple exercises, such as brisk walking or swimming, can already make a difference in their physical health.

  2. Stay Socially Active

    Regular socialization is important for the overall health and well-being of seniors. Elderly people who don’t socialize will isolate themselves which could easily lead to anxiety and depression. Long-term isolation can also affect their physical health. A lot of depressed elderly people don’t eat regular meals and lose significant weight. Families must help their senior loved ones set a goal which includes regular social engagement. Seniors can take part in community activities, meet with friends, or volunteer in organizations.

  3. Manage Their Medications

    Because of the illnesses that may come with age, a lot of seniors have to take multiple medications. This makes it difficult to take them as instructed by their physician. They may forget to take their medicines on time or take more of them than they should. That is why families should make a medication management system that their loved ones can adopt. They can provide electronic pill boxes that have timed alarms or give a journal for medicines that must be taken every day. But, being with an expert provider of home care services in Marion, Indiana makes medication management easier for seniors because they can give reminders when it’s time to take certain meds.

  4. Get Enough Sleep

    Sleep allows the body to rest, so it can restore, repair, and prepare itself for the following day. It’s essential for older adults to get 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Family members who notice their seniors getting disrupted sleep should suggest activities that promote sleepiness. For instance, they can encourage reading an hour before bedtime or taking a relaxing, warm bath.

  5. Don’t Miss Doctor Appointments

    Attending annual medical checkups is essential for seniors. This can detect any health problems at the earliest stage and provide seniors the most effective treatment. Families with aging relatives should schedule appointments, offer transportation, or provide reminders about appointment dates. However, if it’s not possible for them to do these tasks, hiring a professional home health aide in Indiana could be the perfect solution.

New Horizons Home Healthcare offers personalized assistance to meet the care needs of seniors. Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation.

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