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What all Caregivers Should Consider before Allowing the Elderly to Garden

Allowing the Elderly to Garden

After the holiday season, you would probably be bored as you sit on your couch the whole day. The same goes for the elderly. Now that the snow brought about by the winter melts, it is that lovely season again where the birds begin to sing and the flowers start to bloom.

Spring is the ideal season to clean out the entire house, to tend to your lawn and, of course, to the garden. And what better way to be productive than tend to the garden, right? It is an ideal activity for the spring season and is even beneficial for you and for your elderly. It is even a bonus point if your elderly loved to care for the backyard.

However, it should bring to your attention that the capability of your beloved one is now limited due to age. That is why you should consider the following before you bring out all your gardening tools:

  • Body temperature
    Many older adults do not want to go outside or do any outdoor physical activity because it is tiresome. Experts say that this is not just because of exhaustion but also because of their body temperature.

    Seniors are no longer capable of storing fluids in their body the way they used to in the past. They can also lose the ability to adapt to the temperature outside. Being sensitive to the changes in temperature can lead to heat exhaustion and more problems.

    So it is always important to hydrate your elderly as they work on the garden. And observe the proper time to garden. It is ideal to work on the backyard if it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. That way, you would avoid exposing them to harsh temperatures.

  • Mental ability
    They say that having more candles to blow make us smarter and wiser. But as we continue writing the next chapter of our lives, consequences are springing up. This includes our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

    Being old can give us difficulty in remembering even the most minor details. Aside from that, conditions such as dementia impair our ability to think and perform other mental abilities.

    That is why as a caregiver and a provider of home health care, you need to guide your patient. Do not also forget the importance of assisting them whenever they need to be assisted. Be there for them to avoid untoward accidents.

  • Skeletal
    Incidents of falling are increasingly common as balance can be compromised. This is even becoming worst as diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis restrict their movement and flexibility.
  • Skin
    Because of old age, the skin of our beloved turns fragile and thin. As this happens, the old one could suffer from bumps, bruises, and even sunburn. The risk of getting these discomforts can increase if the older adult is working on the garden.

    To avoid these complications, it is advisable to apply sunscreen lotion. Even if it is just spring and the height of the sun’s rays is not as harmful as that during summer, one should still protect his or her skin from the harmful UV rays. Also, do not forget your wide brim hats.

  • Vision
    We often picture out grandmas and grandpas as wrinkly people with glasses. And there is a reason for that. As we age, our eye lens structure change. This is even powered by the loss of our peripheral vision. Ultimately, the loss of vision can limit activities that were once enjoyed by the elderly. But that should not be the case.

    Do not sacrifice your older adult’s passion for caring for the garden. It is better to prevent vision problem as early as possible. When they go outside, let them wear sunglasses. And also, never let them skip appointments to their eye doctor. After all, prevention is indeed better than cure.

These senior concerns are brought to you by the staff of New Horizons Home Healthcare. We provide healthcare in Marion Indiana and it is our goal for your senior to have a wonderful spring experience in their garden.

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