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Keep Your Heart Happy with These Health Tips

Keep Your Heart Happy with These Health Tips

When it comes to maintaining the good health of your heart, age shouldn’t stop you. Rather, your age should encourage you to keep making sure you’re in too good of a shape to be at risk for a heart disease! In searching for good home care services in Marion, Indiana, a potential caregiver’s or home health aide’s knowledge and skill in supporting your loved one’s efforts for a healthy heart should be considered!

Below, we break down three broad health tips for a happy heart:

  1. Watch what you eat.
    • Cut down on foods high in cholesterol and sodium – It’s time to walk away from too much fried food, as well as foods that are high in preservatives. Limiting the trans fat, saturated fat, and sodium in your body can be a great news for your arteries and heart, and help you avoid high blood pressure and strokes.
    • Introduce more fruits, vegetables, and healthy alternatives to your diet – Cutting down on harmful foods isn’t enough! It is always a good practice to accompany this act with maintaining a well-balanced diet and you should be able to determine a healthy diet plan by consulting your physician.
  2. Treat your body right.
    • Don’t smoke. – Smoking has very ill effects on your lungs and respiratory system, which work very closely with your circulatory system in delivering oxygen throughout your body. Tobacco can also increase the risk of a heart disease.
    • Exercise regularly and safely. – Exercising is a great way of keeping your heart and body strong. It is important to make sure your fitness routine is done safely and in a low-risk environment. Talk to your physician for help in determining what exercises are right for you.
    • Limit stress and get enough rest. – High levels of stress and sleep deprivation can make your heart put in extra effort in keeping your bodily systems functioning, which can lead to high blood pressure. Make sure you get the recommended hours of sleep at night and be active in making sure there are few stress triggers around you.
  3. Always be in the know.
    • Get regular check-ups. – Make sure to accomplish the number of check-ups recommended by your physician and always ask to be informed and educated on your condition.
    • Monitor yourself. – Keep a record of your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and body weight.
    • Be informed on emergency response. – Always have an emergency number ready around the house for any untoward incidents that require urgent medical help. Make sure that your caregiver is also equipped to be alert and to assist you, emergency or not.

At New Horizons Home Healthcare, as a top-quality provider of healthcare in Marion Indiana, we place the utmost importance in the health and well-being of our senior clients. With our services, we make sure your loved one lives a healthy life of good quality, with a happy heart, right at home.

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