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Behaviors of Your Senior That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Behaviors of Your Senior That You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are some changes in your elderly parent’s body and personality that naturally occur as they age. However, that definitely does not mean you shouldn’t be looking out for anything “off” about your senior’s behavior. Not all incidents can be brushed off as an effect of simply aging, and they may even be enough cause to seek home care services in Marion, Indiana for your loved one.

Here are four behaviors that should not be ignored:

  • Confusion and memory loss

    Some incidents of memory loss are considered common among seniors. But when your senior starts to forget more significant things such as talking about a spouse, family member, or friend who has passed away as if they were still living, it is best to contact their physician for an assessment.

    This behavior can be a tell-tale sign for dementia and it is best to confirm with a medical professional first before making decisions about their care.

  • Weakening ability to retain information

    If you start noticing a pattern of your elderly parent repeatedly asking you a question that you’ve answered multiple times without realizing that they are doing this, this can and should also be brought to the attention of your senior’s physician.

    In addition, your senior may also take a long time to formulate responses during the conversation. If you notice this, it’s best not to ignore it as well. These can also be symptoms of dementia.

  • Heavy moods and displays of violent behavior

    Developing depression and anxiety are very real – but often overlooked – risks in the elderly. Make sure to keep an eye out for your elderly parent’s mental state: Are they often feeling down that it is affecting their ability to function daily? Do they seem resentful? Do they go through episodes of lashing out at loved ones?

    Dealing with the loss of a spouse, friend, or a dear loved one can be very difficult for seniors to handle and accept. During these times of vulnerability, empathy, support, and professional help can make a huge difference.

  • Poor sense of balance

    Falls are one of the biggest causes of injury among seniors and can lead to health complications when they do happen. Vigilance is very important in spotting whether or not your loved one is struggling with their balance – whether it is caused by declining eyesight, joint problems, or health conditions that could cause dizziness or fainting. Prevention is always the best course when it comes to falling, so issues with balance must be brought up to their physician as well.

Your loved one’s attending physician may recommend that they are cared for and looked after by a qualified home health aide in Indiana. Please do not hesitate to contact us at New Horizons Home Healthcare and we will help you draft an individualized care plan for your loved one, with exclusive and quality amenities included!

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