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Six Tips to Help Seniors Practice Healthy Eating Habits

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet is important for older adults. Proper nutrition can minimize a senior’s risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Also, a healthy diet for aging people can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as … Continue reading

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Four Eye Diseases that are Common in Elderly Adults

Studies show that one in three seniors experience some form of an eye condition that impairs vision by age 65. Some people have problems seeing at night or viewing objects up close. These are normal vision changes that don’t limit … Continue reading

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Tips for the Elderly: How to Stay Safe while Gardening

The garden is a fun place to work in, especially when the spring season is right around the corner. And if growing flowers and producing your own food appeals to you, we are quite for certain that you are definitely … Continue reading

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What all Caregivers Should Consider before Allowing the Elderly to Garden

After the holiday season, you would probably be bored as you sit on your couch the whole day. The same goes for the elderly. Now that the snow brought about by the winter melts, it is that lovely season again … Continue reading

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The Vital Signs and Their Significance To Your Health

What are vital signs? According to, vital signs are clinical measurements of the body’s basic functions. These include body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate (rate of breathing), and blood pressure. These are called ‘vital’ for good reason. They show … Continue reading

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