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6 Helpful Oral Care Tips for Seniors

6 Helpful Oral Care Tips for Seniors
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Seniors are often plagued with oral problems, such as tooth loss, dry mouth, and gum disease. First things first, oral problems are not part of the aging process. They are often a consequence of poor dental hygiene. There are some ways you can do to prevent this from happening.

New Horizons Home Healthcare is a reputable Home Health Care provider in Marion, Indiana. We are here to give you some oral care tips.

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly.
    You may brush your teeth regularly, but are you sure you are brushing them enough? A quick swipe of your bristles is not sufficient to get leftover food particles from your teeth. As recommended by the American Dental Association, your teeth need to be brushed twice a day and for at least two minutes each.
  2. Choose the right toothbrush.
    It is highly recommended that seniors use a soft-bristled brush when cleaning their teeth. This is because your gums and teeth become more sensitive as you age. You should also choose a toothbrush that can fit into your mouth and allow you to reach all areas easily. Throw your toothbrush every three or four months or sooner if the bristles are already frayed.
  3. Do not limit your brushing to your teeth only.
    A number of bacteria reside on the roof of your mouth and tongue. This can cause oral problems, particularly bad breath and gum disease. So when brushing your teeth, do not forget to include your gums and tongue too. You can also use a tongue scraper in cleaning your tongue.
  4. Go for floss and mouthwash.
    Your toothbrush bristles may not be able to completely get rid of food particles hiding behind the deep parts of your mouth. This can form bacteria, which can cause tooth decay. Flossing after brushing your teeth can help. You should also use mouthwash in between brushing and flossing. It kills bacteria in your mouth, thus preventing bad breath and gum disease. Opt for a mouthwash that contains fluoride.
  5. Keep your dentures clean.
    Clean your dentures every day. Like natural teeth, dentures are also prone to bacteria. If you do not clean your dentures, chances are that the bacteria will come into contact with your gums, increasing your risk of developing a gum disease. If you are not using your dentures, keep them in a container filled with water to keep it from getting dry.
  6. Stay hydrated.
    As you get older, you experience less thirst. However, this does not exempt you from the water requirement of six to eight glasses of water a day. Staying adequately hydrated is essential for your oral health. This prevents the occurrence of dry mouth.

New Horizons Home Healthcare is one of the most reliable providers of Home Health Care in Indiana. Our services include assisting elders with their day-to-day tasks, like keeping their personal hygiene. Get to know more about us by speaking to one of our staff members. You can reach us by phone at 765-662-9751. Speak to you soon!

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