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Habits That Unsuspectingly Put You at Risk for Diabetes


We all know that diabetes is a disease primarily caused by an excess amount of sugar or glucose in our blood. So, following that train of thought, we should be fine as long as we avoid sugary food right? That’s what most people think. But what they don’t know is that there are other things that could lead to a case of diabetes too!

Check out the following list of habits that lead to diabetes.
You might be guilty of some of them without knowing.

You’re putting yourself at risk for Type 2 Diabetes if you:

  1. Ignore your stress levels.
    Heightened stress levels lead you to rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as overeating, to obtain a false sense of relief, which ultimately will only make you feel a lot worse. Make sure you always find time to unwind even during busy days.
  2. Overeat.
    It’s perfectly fine to eat the type of food you like, as long as you pay attention to the portion size of each meal. If you’re having something decadent for dessert, balance it out with fiber and exercise to keep your body in shape.
  3. Slurp on sugary drinks.
    Is it because you’re not fond of drinking plain water? Then you should try turning up its flavor by adding some slices of fruit in it. You can also switch to drinking plain tea instead. It contains several healthy nutrients that will improve your health, too.
  4. Chomp on too many carbohydrates.
    Does your plate always seem to be filled with white? Eating too many potatoes, bread, rice, and any other source of carbohydrates can sharply spike your blood sugar levels. Opt for a more colorful plate of food by adding more fiber and protein to your diet.
  5. Exercise rarely.
    Do you stray away from exercise because you are not fond of spending hours and hours at the gym? That’s totally fine. There are many ways you can remain physically active, even if you’re mostly at home. You can get busy with house chores, redecorating your home, or you can even start a mini garden in your backyard. Imagine how fun it would be! You’d get to be productive and at the same time be on top of your health.

Staying physically active is one of the most effective measures against diabetes. Why? Because with it, you are able to help your body burn off any excess sugar and prevent it from wreaking havoc in your body. It’s a nifty trick for shedding a couple of inches off of your waist too!

If you would like, a home health aide in Indiana from New Horizons Home Healthcare can assist you with our Home Exercise Program.

In case you already have been diagnosed with diabetes, our skilled nurses can improve your health by providing you with excellent diabetic care and other home care services in Marion, Indiana! We look forward to serving you. Set an appointment with us!

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